Zoe Batra - Meet Zoe Batra

Meet Zoe Batra.

7th Month, can you believe it??

6 months and loving every minute of it!

Can you believe it, 6 months already

5th Month home and a Happy New Year

4th Month Home

3rd Month Home

My second month home…….

My first month Home

Day 16 – The Long Way Home………

…..hello to everyone that has been on my Blog over these past few weeks, I hope that y’all enjoyed the adventure with my Mom & Dad, as they made this absolutely incredible journey to China to bring me back home to Dallas. I hope to see all of you very soon once I am home………. Love you,…

Day 15 – Goodbye Guangzhou…….

The adventure that started nearly sixteen days ago is about to come to an end, well atleast the China part, as we get prepared & packed to depart Guangzhou tomorrow morning on our way through Tokyo and home to Dallas. And we are ready……….. And all of this occured in the Famous Swan Room at…

Day 14 – Pool & other adventures