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Day 16 – The Long Way Home………

…..hello to everyone that has been on my Blog over these past few weeks, I hope that y’all enjoyed the adventure with my Mom & Dad, as they made this absolutely incredible journey to China to bring me back home to Dallas.

I hope to see all of you very soon once I am home……….

Love you, XOXOXO

Zoe Annalene Batra

The trip from Guangzhou to Tokyo was tough, but after a bottle of formula, a sucker from Mom, and a short part of a video, we landed in Tokyo.

…..and then we arrived…

and we were home, in my new home in Dallas.

I am loving it so far, but keep checking my Blog as we’ll keep it updated.

Love y’all…..


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  1. Aunt Barb & Uncle D says:

    Thank you, Thank you…. I was having Zoe withdrawal symptoms!! I am so glad you are all home safe and sound! You will have a routine before you know it. Of course, Zoe, you will be in charge. Your room looks fantastic, you will have so much fun with mom and dad and Lola and Jake. Can’t to see you! Look forward to seeing more of you and your family soon. Have fun, love you all!

  2. Sandi & Perry says:

    FINALLY!!!!! No more worries. Big hugs and welcome Zoe.

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