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Born on January 2, 2009, Nan Xinlu ( Zoe ) was placed in the custody of the Institute of Maonan District in Maoming City, China. Weighing 8.1 lbs and 20.47 inches, Xinlu was on target in physical and intellectual development.

At the age of 1-2 months, she could give slight laryngeal sounds of “gu-gu” and slept most of the time. When she grew up to 3-4 months, she could put a toy in her mouth, stretch out and get something to play and could switch to lying on her side from lying on her back. At 5-6 months, she could sit up for a long time supported by her hands, turn over and could hold her bottle with both hands. At 9-10 months she could sit up from lying on her back, and at 11 months she could stand on her own for a while, walk by holding onto something.

She has always been a quiet baby, easy to laugh and not shy when it comes to strangers. Since she was about a year old, she loves repeating others’ voices and has just started to speak on her own. She has established a solid and close relationship with her caretakers.

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  1. Becky Milkie says:

    I’m just jumping with joy now that your bundle of love will be coming home with you. I cannot wait to meet her. Becky

  2. Aunt Barb & Uncle D says:

    Hi Zoe Can’t wait to see you, Love Aunt Barb

  3. Laura Schmidt says:

    She is so beautiful! I can’t wait until she is here!

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