Zoe Batra - Meet Zoe Batra

Meet Zoe Batra.

Day 13 – Consulate Appointment & Playing

When you are woken up in the morning, and pick up this little one, and she stops crying because she is in the hands of someone she trusts, and when the ten yard dash at full speed appears inevitable towards Mama or Papa, and the laughter is non stop…..wow, it really all makes a lot…

Day 12 – Foshan Tour & Diaper changes

Day 11 – Guangzhou Zoo….well…we napped a bit, and then it was off to dinner

What a day we had…………..very hot, but Zoe got to see the animals at the Zoo, when she wasn’t napping….and then it was off to dinner where she is actually feeding herself and us too.

Day 10 – R ‘N R Saturday

Everyday since we got Zoe over a week ago, I have seen this Mother-Daughter bond that has been created and which is so special. Zoe takes Wendy’s hand wherever she goes, checks with her on everything she does, celebrates everything she learns with Wendy and communicates in a way that I didn’t know was possible. It’s…

Day 9 – Site seeing to Baomo Garden….and swimming

Day 8 – Leisure Time with ZoZo

Day 7 – We are finally feeling better

Day 6 – Officially Our’s

Day 5 – Zoe’s Arrival


Day 4 – Arrival in Guangzhou

                                                                                                                                                 ….and we are finally in Guangzhou, and it starts raining! Beautiful City, we can’t wait until tomorrow, when we get Zoe at around 2:15 pm